Why did I invest in voiio?

During my professional career, I have repeatedly realized how fundamental a good work-life balance is. At Care With Care, I’ve learned that it’s not just about creating jobs for foreign care workers, but also about overcoming the many challenges of care work. These experiences have deeply shaped my understanding of the importance of careful care, reliable childcare and work-life balance.

Before my work at Care With Care, I founded the Betreut.de platform. Here I was able to observe even more intensively how important it is to support families in reconciling work commitments and care responsibilities. The practical work with Betreut.de made it clear that reliable care services not only make everyday life easier for families, but also significantly increase their professional and personal satisfaction.

That’s why I was immediately convinced by the original idea of childcare and the impact of voiio on the working world of tomorrow. Today, voiio supports companies in holistically improving the work-life balance – across all situations and phases of life. A wide range of services in four key areas: Family and social life, health & prevention, working life & team culture and crisis support. These include childcare services to relieve parents during the school vacations, as well as a diverse work-life balance program. voiio offers first-class services and offers relating to work-life balance, employee assistance programms, for managers and in crises. From informative live presentations and daily courses to practical workshops and personal advice in all areas of life – voiio is much more than just a benefit for optimizing pay.

With over 400 customers from a wide range of industries, voiio has achieved impressive success. To name just a few figures: A 74% increase in work-life balance, a 93% increase in employee satisfaction and an additional 95% increase in productivity among customers.

What particularly impresses me about voiio is the continuous innovation and the deep commitment to employees. voiio has proven to be more than just a platform – it is a true partner for companies, helping them to support their employees holistically. The positive feedback from companies and the noticeable improvements in employees‘ lives confirm my decision time and time again.

In a world that is constantly changing and presents new challenges for companies and their employees, voiio offers the right solutions at the right time. The voiio vision “all about people” is more relevant today than ever.
Five years after my original investment, I still fully stand behind my decision and welcome the tremendous evolution of voiio into a holistic approach to employee support. It is simply a SaaS company with impact.

My experience with initiatives such as the DCI Digital Career Institute and Pink Summits has shown me time and time again how essential networking and supporting social causes are. These values are also reflected in voiio.

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