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Final Conference of the Think Tank Transnational Skills Partnerships: Quality Standards for Fair Recruitment

On May 21, 2024, the eagerly awaited final conference of the Think Tank Transnational Skills Partnerships will take place at Spreespeicher in Berlin. The focus is on sustainable recruitment of skilled workers in an international context, considering the interests of immigration countries, countries of origin, and migrants.

A central theme is the design of a national alliance for fair recruitment. This alliance aims to strengthen government initiatives and promote private recruitment, emphasizing ethical and international standards.

Agenda Highlights (full agenda here):

  • Opening (09:30 – 09:40) by Prof. Dr. Daniela Schwarzer, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Keynote (09:40 – 10:00) by Najim Azahaf, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Panel Discussion (10:10 – 11:30): Between State and Market – Towards a Coherent System of Fair Recruitment
  • Breakouts (11:45 – 12:45): Quality Standards for Fair Recruitment, Scaling through Innovative Funding Instruments, Capacity Building in Partner Countries, Operational Support through a tSP Service Hub
  • Project Rally (14:00 – 14:30): Presentations of new projects like „Hand in Hand for International Talents“ and „Global Skills Partnership with Ghana/Senegal“
  • Keynote (15:05 – 15:20): Triple Win Evolution – Strategies for Sustainable Labor Migration by Prof. Dr. Michael Sauer
  • Panel Discussion (15:20 – 16:50): Perspectives of Countries of Origin and the Diaspora

I am particularly involved in the Breakout Panel „Quality Standards for Fair Recruitment“ from 11:45 to 12:45. We will discuss best practices to improve standards in international recruitment.

This conference is an excellent opportunity to network with experts and stakeholders committed to fair and sustainable recruitment processes. Take the chance to learn about innovative approaches and establish new partnerships.

Date: May 21, 2024
Location: Spreespeicher, Stralauer Allee 2, 10245 Berlin

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Breakout Session

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